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Welcome to the Mitsubishi Social Golf Club

Welcome to the Mitsubishi Social Golf Club website.

Our friendly Golf Club was established in 1954 under the original banner of Chrysler Australia. With the obvious changes over the years we are now known as the Mitsubishi Social Golf Club.

The Club is currently playing official competitions every Saturday at the Patawalonga Golf Club.

Whilst this site primarily provides information for our club members, we always welcome enquiries from new members and guests.

Please take a wander, and should you require further information please feel free to contact us through this site and one of our members will get back to you.

Anyone can become a member of our club and all competitions are for men, ladies and juniors. An application form can be downloaded from Library/Forms on the main menu.

Trevor Bown, President


President's Trophy 22/6/2024

Sponsor Trevor Bown

NTP 5 & 12
This Saturday the President's Trophy Stableford. This Week the Club is hitting off at 7:00 am in the early morning group and at 11:20 am for the late morning group. Please arrive half an hour beforehand. If you are intending to play in the comp please ensure you have your name on the tee sheet by no later than Wednesday evening,
The winner of the MRT Bryant Trophy Match Play/Stableford is Colin Priest with 38 Points


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