3 Diamond Cup

Three Diamond Cup is a competition that represents the player who has scored at least reasonably well on a consistent basis and also who plays the vast majority of competitions during the season.

Points are awarded to players for the best 10 scores recorded in the weekly results. The best score is allocated 10 points and the second best 9 points and so it decreases until 1 point is awarded for the 10th best ranked score. Should more than one player record the same score they will each be allocated the same points. In these instances the points allocated to the next best score will be one less than the preceding points allocation. For example in a stableford competition if the best 6 scores are say 40, 38, 38, 36, 36 and 35, the points awarded to those players will be 10, 9, 9, 8, 8, and 7 respectively.

Awarding of points will apply to all stableford and stroke rounds, provided there is no matchplay rounds being conducted on the same competition day. Points awarded in stroke rounds will be based on the nett stroke score.

Points awarded to players are tallied over the full competition with the player with the highest tally of points being declared the winner. Prizes will also be awarded to players placing 2nd and 3rd. In the case of any ties there will be joint winners and/or placegetters for the best 3 ranked scores.

Only Saturday competitions will form part of the Three Diamond Cup.

Match-play, Ambrose and Pairs do not qualify for the Three Diamond Cup.

Players must be financial by the conclusion of the membership grace period, i.e. March 31 to be awarded Three Diamond points. If players become financial after the grace period they will be allocated points only from the time they became financial onwards.

See below for the current standings (to 30/06/2024) in the 2024/25 Three Diamond Cup competition.



Winner Kym Tolius with 180 points

Runner-Up Steve Belcher with 170 points

Third place Haydn Coleman with 169 points

Complete standings below:

Kym Tolius 180
Steve Belcher 170
Haydn Coleman 169
Dana Sreng 164
Trevor Bown 162
Michael Taylor 159
Jarrod Rowland 142
Robbie Dale 134
Anthony Bryant 121
Jeff Gould 114
Graham Mann 110
Paul Johnson 108
Rick Beal 101
Kym Rowland 97
Peter O'Connor 95
Frank Balter 88
Liam Coleman 66
Ethan Tan 64
Graham Hunt 55
Jason White 54
Michael Sreng 52
Jim Buckley 46
Souksavanh Louaneviseth 46
Penny Pearce 35
Kevin Rowland 34
Robert Taylor 27
Paul Levett 26
Nick Cirillo 25
Vuong Viet 25
David Clarke 22
Othaya Kumar 21
Phan Thi 19
Charlie Morris 18
Huan Do 15
Jason Wilshire 13
Colin Priest 10
David Kemp 8
Dane Richter 5
Rajan Subramaniam 3
Steve McKenna 2
Graham Simmounds 1



DC5 Trophy 20/7/2024

Sponsor David Clarke

Liam Coleman: NTP 5 & 12
This Saturday is the DC5 Trophy. This Week the Club is hitting off at 7:00 am in the early morning group and at 11:20 am for the late morning group. Please arrive half an hour beforehand. If you are intending to play in the comp please ensure you have your name on the tee sheet by no later than Wednesday evening,
Winner of the Graham Hunt Stableford with 42 Points was Kym Tolius


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