The Eclectic competition is designed to determine who has played each hole in the least played strokes over an entire season, taking into account player’s handicaps, to provide all players with an equal chance to win.

The formula used to determine a player’s eclectic score is to sum their best score on each hole over the season to produce a best gross score. This score is then reduced by player’s “adjusted” handicap to produce their nett score. The calculation for the “adjusted” handicap is their actual course daily handicap at the conclusion of the last competition day, divide by ¾ . For example a player records 65 for their best gross score over the 18 holes and has a handicap of 12. Their nett score is calculated as 65 – (12 x 0.75). That is 65 -9 which equals 56.

There are no placegetters in the Eclectic Competition, only the winner.

Only Saturday competitions will form part of the Eclectic competition. See below for current standings (to 31/3/2024).


MRT Bryant Match-Play Cup Qualifying Round1 Stableford

Sponsor Murray, Ross & Tony Bryant

Haydn Coleman NTP 5 & 16
This Saturday the 13/4/2024 is the MRT Bryant Match-Play Cup Qualifying Round 1 Stableford Competition . This Week the Club is hitting off at 7:00 am in the early morning group and at 11:20 am for the late morning group Please arrive half an hour beforehand. If you are intending to play in the comp please ensure you have your name on the tee sheet by no later than Wednesday evening,
The Winner of the April Monthly Medal Competition is Colin Priest


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