The Lowest Off The Stick

The Lowest Off The Stick is the single round gross score by a player in A, B or C grade. Handicaps are not taken into account.  The only rounds where Lowest Off The Stick can be recorded are stableford and stroke competitions. In the instance of stableford competitions, each hole must be completely played out, i.e. ball cannot be picked up.

It is possible for a player to record a lowest off the stick score in multiple grades as they move from one grade to another.

Only Saturday competitions will form part of the Lowest Off the Stick competition.

Players must be financial by the conclusion of the membership grace period, i.e. March 31 for their scores to that date to be counted in the Lowest Off the Stick competition. If players become financial after the grace period their scores will only count from the time they became financial onwards.


President's Trophy 22/6/2024

Sponsor Trevor Bown

NTP 5 & 12
This Saturday the President's Trophy Stableford. This Week the Club is hitting off at 7:00 am in the early morning group and at 11:20 am for the late morning group. Please arrive half an hour beforehand. If you are intending to play in the comp please ensure you have your name on the tee sheet by no later than Wednesday evening,
The winner of the MRT Bryant Trophy Match Play/Stableford is Colin Priest with 38 Points


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